New Swing Aid Scientifically Proven To Increase Accuracy By Up To 82% In Under 30 Minutes

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About StraightShooter™

StraightShooter is a revolutionary golf swing training aid. Using internationally patented technology, StraightShooter™ is scientifically proven to on average increase distance by 12% and accuracy by 82%.

World's First. 
StraightShooter™ is a flexible lead-arm guide designed to reinforce the ideal lead-arm position during the swing.

Internationally Patented Technology. StraightShooter™ submitted and was approved for both utility and design Patents in all of Europe, U.S.A., Japan and Australia. 

Reduces Body Stress. Due to the ergonomic design, StraightShooter™ can assist in reducing stress on the body and naturally guide the golfer into their authentic swing.

Integrated. StraightShooter™ easily integrates into your golf swing without disrupting movement or extension. Also, StraightShooter™ is for both left-handed and right-handed golfers.

Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, StraightShooter™ was designed to reinforce the ideal lead-arm position while still allowing natural movement through the swing with enhanced muscle memory. For left-handed golfers, StraightShooter™ would go on the right arm and for right-handed golfers, StraightShooter™ would go on the left arm.

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Step 1: Put On Your StraightShooter™

Simply place your arm through the sleeve, match the elbow port with your elbow and then tighten the straps. (see video below)

Step 2: Pick Your Club And Address The Golf Ball

Once you have your StraightShooter™ on, it's time to choose the club you would like to play or practice with.

Step 3: Swing Away!

If you start with a club that you're comfortable with, that can help you see what it feels like to use StraightShooter™. Feel how it assists your swing and guides you into the ideal swing for YOU. Then, move on to a club you're struggling with and let StraightShooter™ do it's magic.

Now we're about to get nerdy on you. The table below shows how pre-impact variables (club speed and club face-to-path), and post-impact variables (smash factor, ball speed, spin rate, spin axis, carry, height, side and landing angle) were deemed to be affected when the guide was used.

Orange = Pre-Impact
Green = Post-Impact



Percentage of golfers who showed improvement (measured as the difference between 'pre-guide use' and 'after-guide use').


Scientific Study Conclusion. 
Amongst the plethora of golf coaching devices and aids, plus recommended ways to improve one's game that can be found in the golf-market, no data was found on this type of flexible, lead-arm guidance device that allows the user's lead-arm to 'fold' during their follow-through.

When average measurements were taken immediately after the guide was used and compared to before it was used:

  • For Distance: Average of 12% increase
  • For Accuracy: Average of 82% increase

Production Prototype Gallery


These videos show the current StraightShooter™ prototype with various colors. Both performance and functionality are solid and ready for consumer use.

A. Co-Founder Austin Uhl Using StraightShooter™ With 7 iron

B. Inventor Michael Middleton Using StraightShooter™ With an iron

C. Professional Golfer Margarita Ramos (@margaritaramosc) hitting a Driver

What People Are Saying

After a personal warm up, I then hit a number of balls without the device on. The results were similar to the way I usually play the game, with a number of ‘muffed’ shots. I was only satisfied with ~30% of the balls hit in a way that I was happy with. Then I fitted the device and proceeded to hit the assigned number of balls with the device on. The 100% improvement achieved speaks for itself. There were signs even with this relatively brief use of the device, that it could correct a few of the things that I have been trying to iron-out in my swing, for a long time.

Edward F. Edward F.

After using the StraightShooter I took it off and hit some more balls. During this ‘after use time’, without the guide on my lead-arm, for whatever reason, I had greater ‘awareness’ of where my lead-arm needed to be and how it was working with my chest and back, allowing me to load my backswing more effectively and strike the ball with what I believe was more power and less conscious effort. Like all good training aids, the ‘StraightShooter’ is very effective, most importantly with the ‘feeling’ it creates during and after its use.

Ryan W. Ryan W.
Right-Handed, PGA Member

I first used the StraightShooter on the practice fairway where, using a 7 iron, I hit around a dozen balls without the StraightShooter on. While I was happy with around 50% of contact with the ball, there were a few that were off target and a couple of duffed shots. I then put the sleeve on and hit another dozen balls using the same 7 iron. On the whole I hit more balls cleanly and with improved direction.

Ruth B. Ruth B.

My experience with the device was genuinely refreshing! After warming up, I initially hit a number of balls without the device on. The results were certainly ‘wayward’, with only 25% of the balls hit effectively. I then fitted the device and proceeded to hit a number of balls. The apparent 400% improvement speaks for itself. My overall impression is that here at last is a truly well designed device that is easy to fit and with minimal instruction can produce a clear improvement in the consistency of my golf swing! It offers me some new-found confidence that my golf consistency will improve should I ever decide to take up golf again.

Geoff W. Geoff W.

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